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Verdensmål 13: Timring

Kunstner: Desen Halıçınarlı

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    Ovenfor: Film om Verdensmålsgavlen i Timring

    Om Kunstner

    Den tyrkiske kunstner Desen Halıçınarlı arbejder lige nu på gavlværket ved Thors Design. Følg kunstnerens arbejde og ferniseringen fredag d. 17. juni kl. 14:00 via livestream her

    2006-2009 | Master of Arts  “The usage of the cityscape in the art of painting”.
    2001-2006 | Bachelor of Arts, Art of Painting.

    1997 - 2001 | Art of Painting.

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    Om Værket

    Desen Halıçınarlı fortæller her (på engelsk):
    "I specifically used the "eye" image in my art project, which makes a reference to the climate action title. I think nature is always watching us. We have forgotten that in some countries it is a living thing.

    As a painter, printmaker and signmaker, I try to pay attention to the materials I use. I try not to use gaseous and cellulosic based products for both my own health and the health of my environment and the atmosphere. In this work of art, I created an image using a color that is a symbol of nature, with as little paint and lines as possible. I have a lot of images in my dreams but staying true to the subject and its philosophy has been my priority. This image also has a meaning for the building it is in. Both the wood texture and the naive works pushed me to a calm but disturbing visual work. The eyes that follow us in the trees I photographed in my previous trips to Denmark.

    This wood texture will be supported by a gravure printing workshop that I is open to the public in this project. After the mural is finished, it can be an opportunity to bring the dirty or discolored clothes back to life by preparing carved patterns with the public."


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    Invitation til FERNISERING 17. Juni kl. 14: Verdensmålsgavlen ved Thors Design i Timring