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Verdensmål 7: Skarrild

Kunstner: Pere Bargalló Bozzo

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    Ovenfor: Film om Verdensmålsgavlen i Skarrild

    Om Kunstner

    Pere Bargalló Bozzo (Barcelona 1972).

    Education: Sculpture Bachelor’s Degree on Fine Arts (BFA) at Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, 1998.

    "I have been working since the mid-1990s to "print and publish" on walls. For more than ten years, I have specialised in a self-taught technique of transferring images onto tiles and I run workshops in which I share this technique. Often these workshops are completed with a tile mural placed in the neighbourhood where the participants live.

    Since 2010 I combine my artistic practice with my work as a graphic designer at the cultural and social centre Antic Teatre, Barcelona".

    Om Værket

    The piece will be a photograph in the form of a regular disc with a diameter of 4 metres, which will be placed on a wall of the school in the community of Skarrild-Karstoft. This photograph will be printed (in a handmade and sustainable way) on a ceramic support consisting of 340 tiles of 20 x 20 cm each. This will give it durability and strength.

    How these three concepts interrelate: photography (the artform), clean and affordable energy for all (the goal) and the town:

    The original photograph is taken and starring schoolchildren and teachers from the small school in the community of Skarrild-Karstoft. It is the people of this school who have decided the location of the image (near the school) and which elements, values and protagonists appear in it (which are, among others, childhood, the natural and rural environment, a windmill, freedom, a future of solidarity, etc.).


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